Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science


Our research interest centers on modeling of electron devices, passive devices, and interconnects for simulation and design of integrated circuits. Unlike a circuit composed of discrete components, a completed LSI chip cannot usually be tinkered with a posteriori. An increasing predictive ability, therefore, is required of circuit simulation and devices models.
It is important to model devices based on physics whenever possible and appropriate. That said, physics-basedness is only one side of a model. We endeavor to develop well-behaved models that actually work in simulation.

Subject of Research

Modeling of electron devices

Devices of interest for modeling include emerging electron devices such as organic transistors and vacuum nanoelectronic devices, as well as mainstream silicon MOS transistors. Accurate modeling will be a key to successful take-off of advanced nanoscale CMOS, ultrahigh-speed electronics, and printed electronics.

Modeling of passive devices and interconnects

Modeling of passive devices and interconnects on a semiconductor substrate offers a major challenge especially because of the presence of the lossy semiconductor substrate. Ordinary electromagnetic field solvers often fail to correctly predict the device characteristics. We develop models that works at such high frequencies.

Microwave circuit theory and design

Circuit theory is a powerful tool not only for modeling, but also for physical design of devices and development of measurement techniques, among others. We look into circuit theory and its applications.

Message to prospective students

International students who can work together with colleagues and thrive on tackling the exciting challenge of modeling, simulation, and circuit design are welcome. A good command of English is a requirement. A background in physics will be a big plus.