Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science

Our goals

Our research group is aiming the achievement of the sensor system for the natural environment and that of the medical support system for the 'Quality of Life (QoL)' improvement. These systems require both innovative system architecture and low-power small-size LSI with high-precise analog circuits, therefore we study both the system architecture and the circuit technology.

Subject of Research

Brain Machine Interface

Brain-machine interface decodes brain signals and enables us to control external devices just by thinking. We are developing a BMI system to restore communication function for the severely disabled people due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal injury, brain stroke etc. The BMI system helps communication of the severely disabled people and improves the QoL. The brain signals and the neural signals have below 100 uV amplitude and a few hundred Hz frequency To detect the weak brain signals, we are studying the low-noise amplifier and the low-power high-precise analog-digital (A/D) converter for the BMI system LSI.

Fig.1 10ch Neural Recording Amplifier Chip
Fig.2 Neural Recording System LSI
Low-Power Sensor System

To realize a sustainable society, it is necessary to reduce the energy expenditure as much as possible and to use limited natural resources (fossil fuel, etc.) effectively. For instance, a fine optimization control using sensor systems that is effective for reducing the power consumption of the whole system. In addition to improvement of the operation efficiency of the whole system, it is also important to reduce a power consumption of the sensor systems. We are studying the system architecture, low-power circuit technology and low-voltage circuit technology, etc, which will contribute to realize a sustainable society.

Fig.3 0.5V/1V low-noise amplifier and Analog-Time-Digital converter (it’s a kind of A/D converter).

Research Environment


HP ProLiant DL165, etc. more than 10 CPUs.(OS:ScientificLinux, CentOS)

CAD tool

JEDAT(alpha-SX),Cadence (IC, SOC, ASSURA, MMSIM, etc.),Synopsys (Astro, Hspice, Hsim, IC-Compiler, NanoSim, etc.),Mentor Graphics(Calibre),Agilent(ADS(Advanced Design System), GoldenGate)