Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science


We develop the electric device with new functions and new materials by the novel approach, Which leads the drastic improvement in the performance of LSI.

Subject of Research

Device fabrication machine: For Deposition of desired materials at desired area.

We have been trying development of device fabrication system. The system realizes deposition of desired atoms and molecules at desired position with desired structure.

Temperature Control for Self-Assembled 3D structure growth: For High performance Solar cells.

The temperature is important factor in semiconductor fabrication. Our goal is control of it to make unique semiconductor structures. It expected to develop for high performance solar cells.

Strain Control by Interaction Control. : For development of LASER devices on glass and silicon substrates.

Germanium (Ge) is candidate for high-speed transistors. But more importantly, Ge is changed to direct transition semiconductor by tensile-strain stress. Thus, it has possibility of light-emitting device. Especially, realization of LASER devices on Si or glass substrates is our big dream. We have been focused on intermixing of Ge and Silicon atoms and are studying their interactions.

Message to prospective students

My hope for Hirodai students is to do not get regret on their Hiroshima University academic life. If you belong to companies, maybe you do not have enough time to do something (challenges, hobby, and of course your job!). On the other hand, campus life has much freedom than after graduation. Thus, let’s try your possibilities. Let’s work with us in Semiconductor Electronics group to get great success.