Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science

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【Education and Research Fields】

Semiconductor Electronics/ Ultra-Small Device Engineering/ Integrated Systems Engineering/ Nanodevice Engineering/ Nanoprocess Engineering/ Intelligent Integrated Circuits Engineering/ Micro/Nano-fluidics Engineering/ Optical Integrated Waveguide Devices/ Micro Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS)/ Interdisciplinary Research on Integration of Semiconductor and Biotechnology/ Advanced Display Science

We are studying following research issues concerning semiconductor electronics and integration science.
(1) Operation principle, structure design and fabrication process of nanoscale transistors, electromagnetic-wave detectors and photodetectors.
(2) LSI circuits/architectures and modeling technologies of transistor characteristics for the circuit design based on the physical theory. 
(3) Ultra high-speed communication with ultra-small energy consumption, compact size and light weight.

Recent highly advanced information society is supported by the Internet, mobile communication, computers, digital appliances, and robots. The cores of these tools are realized by semiconductor integrated electronics. From now we have to develop further advanced information appliances with high performance, low dissipation power and low environmental impact for the sustainable society. For the university, there are strong demands to offer innovative research and education with the new concept adaptable to the new age.

We train highly capable researchers and specialists who can approach their subjects from a broad perspective that reaches from circuit and system design to integration device and manufacturing process technologies, which are recognized as the applications that form the future society system. We offer our students practical research utilizing innovative ideas and advanced research facilities, and an educational experience that is closely linked to the research. These advanced education and research are carried out in cooperation with the Research Institute for Nanodevice and Bio Systems, Hiroshima University.

About Department