Department of Semiconductor Electronics and Integration Science

Greeting (2011-2012)

MIURA, Mitiko
Science and Practice

   In the department of semiconductor electronics and integration science, we have been pursuing research and education under the slogan of "science and practice". Our principal specialty is academic discussion with regard to a semiconductor based on the basic principle. However, we also focus on practical education on the semiconductor. For example, in the education program for semiconductor practice, we are growing core human resources in the semiconductor industries in order that young people can inherit the technology and know-how of experienced professionals in the field of semiconductor and electronics industry with advanced manufacturing technology. In addition, in the interdisciplinary education programs for semiconductor and biotechnology, we are training the researchers and engineers of the next generation with the insight and knowledge of both the biotechnology and semiconductor technology, to develop interdisciplinary area. In addition to these unique education programs, we are promoting the “science and practice” through joint research project with global companies with state-of-the-art technology.
   On the other hand, looking at the classic, we can find the following famous passage in the Analects of Confucius.

   學而時習之、不亦説乎 (Is it not a pleasure, having learned something, to try it out at due intervals?)

    It is our “science and practice” to master and practice knowledge, not only to think and learn. It is intimately connected to the slogan of Hiroshima University "discover the joy of learning". Through “science and practice”, we want to share the joy of learning.

   Finally, to take this opportunity, we would like to express sincere sympathy to those who have suffered a calamity by the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011. We must think and practice what we can do for the people who suffered a catastrophe and what we can do to help people protect from such catastrophe. Innovative education and research corresponding to the future era will be urged to today’s university. It is also the “science and practice” that we correspond to such requests. We believe that it will lead to the best pleasure through learning.

Minoru Fujishima

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